Chasing the Stars & Moon

Watching him smile was like watching the world rid of its pain, all worries gone,

His every move so gentle and perfect, his fingers grateful touching my skin,

The way he looked into your eyes as though you are sun and the moon rising and falling every day,

Lost within his mind of such beautiful chaos, chasing the stars knowing he will never touch but he continues to look because the beauty of wanting something he can’t have was precious,

He was made of everything so simple and perfect, a man full of wisdom and youth, a man who I dared to love, I once knew love in his hands,

But the worst part of loving him was watching the stars fall as his hands touched another, his lips graced another, his eyes lost in another, as I stood from afar watching as I broke into a thousand pieces watching the sun shine on them both as I drowned away with the moon.-BBW


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