She was the art…


Caught Between Craving His Sins 

Black & White 

A rapture of memories, broken sins, your violent tongue coursing in my skin, a beautiful nightmare of loving and hating you. -BBW

2 Souls that Never Touch…

2 souls.jpg

The most fragile part of our body is what we cannot see but we can feel. Our soul lost in the tangles of love where the urge to devour their love is moons away. Where their scent lingers but cannot feel. When their skin exposed willing to touch but you cannot feel. Souls lost in two worlds that stand clear in front of you, but your will is lost in a forbidden dance of what is real and what your mind desires.-bbw

Spoken Tongues

“Speak to me with that foreign tongue, your voice travelling through my body vibrating me inside out. Speak to me with that foreign tongue you call home. Drown me in your words and kiss my lips feeling my skin come alive. Speak to me in that foreign tongue you touched my heart with, touch my body with your lips, the language our bodies only know.-bbw

Seconds to Love…

When seconds turn into minutes

thats how fast life is moving without you. 

I promised myself to never feel fear with you,

I learned to move with life without love. 

I huddled my heart between the sheets of lust

A foreign place to call love was when I stopped attaching emotions to 

feelings when a body touched mine.

I learned to move past the guilt, I learned to touch without connecting, a perfect haramony.

A foreign word love will become, a guilt pleasure of numbing your heart…-BBW