She was the art…


Caught Between Craving His Sins 

Black & White 

A rapture of memories, broken sins, your violent tongue coursing in my skin, a beautiful nightmare of loving and hating you. -BBW

Garden Flow

garden flow.jpg“She’s the language of love,
an open flower in her garden of grace,
She brightened the sky with her luminous colours and calming demeanour,
she’s the langauge of love,
a beauty that brightens any dark sky.-bbw”



I count…

I count the stars that fall to your heartbeat,

I count the raindrops that fall from your eyes,

I count the sleepless nights,

I count the days without your smile,

I count the laughter in your voice,

I sit by your bed counting the prayers to bring you to life,

I count the moments those eyes find mine,

I count the seconds of our final goodbye,

I count the memories that brought me to life.


I love you Forever & Always…-BBW

Seconds to Love…

When seconds turn into minutes

thats how fast life is moving without you. 

I promised myself to never feel fear with you,

I learned to move with life without love. 

I huddled my heart between the sheets of lust

A foreign place to call love was when I stopped attaching emotions to 

feelings when a body touched mine.

I learned to move past the guilt, I learned to touch without connecting, a perfect haramony.

A foreign word love will become, a guilt pleasure of numbing your heart…-BBW



Find a way…

The intense feeling of having everyone peering inside of you

Your flesh and bones exposed

The world criticizing your do’s and dont’s

Your veins opened exposing your pain

Wounds made of words and desmay

A helping hand breaking your bones

When did we let ourselves fall apart?

When did we let society mimic our ways?

A mind of our own we shall pray

A heart of own that will stay

A hand to help mend our broken ways…BBW

A Fool…

When I’ve become a fool for you,

It is not because I’ve lost my way,

Nor have I consumed too much of you,

But a fool for loving you with the patience you give to a foolish heart…

A fool for you I have become 

A fool for loving you in that chaos mind you call home,

A fool for loving you cause you dared to love me…-BBW