She was the art…


Caught Between Craving His Sins 

Black & White 

A rapture of memories, broken sins, your violent tongue coursing in my skin, a beautiful nightmare of loving and hating you. -BBW

Heart vs Him

Empty bottles were her sympathy.

His heart dangled at his sleeve.
She crushed every hope of love between her fingers.
He found peace in empty words.
She tore at his clothes.
He imprinted his skin on hers.
They loved recklessly.
Two souls lost in love but alive in darkness.-BBW


I want you to need me

I want you to look inside of my soul and call it your own,

I want morning and night to begin and end with you by my side,

I want your lips to never leave mine,

I want your hands to remember every inch of my body,

I want your mind to undress mine,

I want your heart to be one with mine,

I need you to want me,

I want you…=BBW


Chasing the Stars & Moon

Watching him smile was like watching the world rid of its pain, all worries gone,

His every move so gentle and perfect, his fingers grateful touching my skin,

The way he looked into your eyes as though you are sun and the moon rising and falling every day,

Lost within his mind of such beautiful chaos, chasing the stars knowing he will never touch but he continues to look because the beauty of wanting something he can’t have was precious,

He was made of everything so simple and perfect, a man full of wisdom and youth, a man who I dared to love, I once knew love in his hands,

But the worst part of loving him was watching the stars fall as his hands touched another, his lips graced another, his eyes lost in another, as I stood from afar watching as I broke into a thousand pieces watching the sun shine on them both as I drowned away with the moon.-BBW

Echo of Souls

When the echo of your heart begins to slow down, that’s when I’ve begun to let go

What have we done?

Forever was never meant to be

You saw the darkness and I saw the light

Follow through with the pain

Its our perfect disaster

In the chaos I always found you

holding my hand, a part of me always died with you

When the echo of your heart begins to slow,

our time has run out, that’s when Ive begun to let go

We played with fire, watched one another burn inside out, our perfect disaster when we became alive

Our love was chaotic, absentminded and beautiful, we loved until our love burned to ashes

What have we done?

In the chaos I always found my body next to yours, two lost souls playing with fire until the echo of their hearts fainted slowly with the race of the fire. -BBW

Melody of My Body

Waking dreams filtered lights
Escapes of melodies flood the night
Your eyes the only soul within me
Every passing moment escapes with the realization that your gone.
Nothing makes sense anymore. Bodies twisted inside out. The bed sheets cold, empty without you.

My mind is clouded with your reflection, reality and dreams are one for me.

It was the Saturday mornings with the view of the sunrise waking on your skin. The moments replay like a corded string. Forgive me for not waiting, but my heart ran out.

The smell of you lingers in the room. The covers drenched with your aroma makes it feel like you’re here right now. Your hands on my skin peeling away every pain scarred on my body. Your lips marking every inch of my body. Every kiss, every last breath was the moment of a new beginning every night.

You can do better, I promise you.
Let me linger in the back of your mind until someone else replaces me
Forget the love, let the sun die with me. Pretend life has continued without me because yesterday, today and tomorrow are gone empty without us.

Let the night fade in as a new memory, remember the good and bad, remember life comes and goes…a faded memory.-BBW

Long Ago…

I will find my way without you,
A forged soul bound to one,

I loved you like no other
Found myself lost within you
 until you burned our thoughts away

Forever in my heart you stay
Away from you I will go go go
A long ago I will find again
Away from you I will go go go

A broken heart I will mend myself
no thanks to you, I will be strong again
Goodbye to the old me, Goodbye to the sorry you,

You tied my heart on my wrist
you dangled for the world to see
pushed to believe in love
when you loved all but me

Forever in my heart you stay
away from you I will go go go
A long ago I will find again
Away from you I will breathe again.-BBW