She was the art…


Caught Between Craving His Sins 

Black & White 

A rapture of memories, broken sins, your violent tongue coursing in my skin, a beautiful nightmare of loving and hating you. -BBW


The wind was shy and cold,

a bitterness in its touch,

it swiped away emotions

as endless as the night,

it swayed through our bodies

lost in the midst of our love,

it found us beyond repair

a story of two souls lost in the air,

it tried to bridge us,

connect as one,

but the hollow of the night swallowed us whole.-BBW

Heart vs Him

Empty bottles were her sympathy.

His heart dangled at his sleeve.
She crushed every hope of love between her fingers.
He found peace in empty words.
She tore at his clothes.
He imprinted his skin on hers.
They loved recklessly.
Two souls lost in love but alive in darkness.-BBW