She was the art…


Caught Between Craving His Sins 

Black & White 

A rapture of memories, broken sins, your violent tongue coursing in my skin, a beautiful nightmare of loving and hating you. -BBW

Touch Moi.

He held on a little more tighter than usual,

He bit my lower lip gently, finding his way to my neck,

He moved his hands from the small of my back to my jaw,

Every movement every touch sparked electricity through my body.


Every touch was a map finding his way around, memorizing the angles of my body,

He was the tourist,

Exploring a body he wanted to call his,

He touched my heart and soul,

His breath on my skin like the ocean wind,

Satisfying but breathless. -BBW




I count…

I count the stars that fall to your heartbeat,

I count the raindrops that fall from your eyes,

I count the sleepless nights,

I count the days without your smile,

I count the laughter in your voice,

I sit by your bed counting the prayers to bring you to life,

I count the moments those eyes find mine,

I count the seconds of our final goodbye,

I count the memories that brought me to life.


I love you Forever & Always…-BBW

Caution to the wind…

She spoke with caution,

Her voice the melody of the wind,

Lost in a world full of wonders and brilliance.

She escaped through her feelings breaking her silence.

The past a haunting silhouette, she fell tangled in her reverie. 

Drowning in her own weight of pain she searched for pleading eyes,

Shadows passed her guilty mind, she fell deeper in her conscious,

Failing to find a way to break free, finding the faults of her own to call home.-BBW