She’s graceful as the wind,
Powerful like a storm,
Calm as a peaceful current.
She’s a beauty amongst the eyes,
a careless whisper throughout the night.
She’s the speck of sunshine and a magnitude of destruction.
She is fierce, she is wild, she is the woman we grow up to be.


Colour of your Soul.


Her mind was lost in the wind, a chaotic soul tangled in her desires. The colour of the world dressed by her beautiful mind. She longed for more than city highs and long days, she wanted a world where the wind was her music and the woods were her friends.

Find a way…

The intense feeling of having everyone peering inside of you

Your flesh and bones exposed

The world criticizing your do’s and dont’s

Your veins opened exposing your pain

Wounds made of words and desmay

A helping hand breaking your bones

When did we let ourselves fall apart?

When did we let society mimic our ways?

A mind of our own we shall pray

A heart of own that will stay

A hand to help mend our broken ways…BBW