Black & White 

A rapture of memories, broken sins, your violent tongue coursing in my skin, a beautiful nightmare of loving and hating you. -BBW



The beauty of you is a lie

Spoken in lost tongues

We found our way

A sin you are to me

Wild and chaos

You are the sin in me

Your lips poison on my tongue

Your skin sheltered in fire

Your burn away my memories

A Sin you are to me

Wild and chaos

You are the sin in me

The darkness hidden behind your eyes

Your soul lingering behind your halo

A savage to my heart

I loved your ways

Your hands a broken sound

Our bodies tied in darkness

Your lips on my neck

You found the sin me

A beautiful disaster.-BBW

Caution to the wind…

She spoke with caution,

Her voice the melody of the wind,

Lost in a world full of wonders and brilliance.

She escaped through her feelings breaking her silence.

The past a haunting silhouette, she fell tangled in her reverie. 

Drowning in her own weight of pain she searched for pleading eyes,

Shadows passed her guilty mind, she fell deeper in her conscious,

Failing to find a way to break free, finding the faults of her own to call home.-BBW